Our recipes are both traditional and experimental; We benefit of the use of endemic and exotic ingredients with contemporary techniques. In our pantry there are herbs, fruits, insects, spices and special condiments of a specific time and that appear for their harvest few days a year.

In the classes we propose different menus so that the client chooses what they want to cook depending on their interests and curiosities. Our proposals vary depending on the season of the year in order to use the freshest and most potent ingredients. During the class, we explain the meaning of the dishes that are used in the social celebrations according to the traditions and customs of the different communities.

The cost is $105 USD per person.

Reservation is required at least 2 days before the class.
Classes are held at the restaurant or at the address of your convenience.
The duration is approximately 4 hours; In which we take a tour of the market to choose the ingredients, we cook and enjoy the prepared foods accompanied by a tasting of artisanal mezcales.
Make your reservation with 50% in advance. Contact us at ventas@salonoaxaca.mx or at (415.121.18.40)
We will send you the menu proposals so you can choose what you want to cook.
We await you. We are going to have fun.

Our multidisciplinary staff will share with you the experience they have acquired for years in their research in the Cultural Field and the Wealth of the Heritage of Mexican Popular Cultures and their origins..

We use endemic ingredients from the state of Oaxaca and the rest of the country; Each dish carries the indicated components of the region where it comes from.

You are welcome to join us in the cooking classes. We'll teach you about Mexican Food. The origin and the process of cooking it.

The taste for cooking and for food is something as essential in the human being as to love.

With us you will learn authentic recipes from the State of Oaxaca and also from the rest of Mexico, just as our grandmothers and mothers taught us, getting into the entrails of the same kitchen and testing the dish at every step of the process to know the Nuances of gastronomic art.

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